Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Village Board Meeting 6/16/08

I read this to the Village Board yesterday during the public comment period.

The Senate Intelligence Committee finally released a long awaited report on the use of intelligence by the Bush Administration. They basically said that Bush and Cheney lied us into war. This is the highest of all high crimes and misdeameanors. This should have been in all caps and 3” tall letters above the fold of our newspapers, and the lead story on the evening news. It wasn’t, because it is not in the interest of the corporate controlled media to keep you well informed. Your jobs as trustees, however, require that you inform yourselves of the facts about the world around you that influence your decisions on this board. Part of the blame for your ignorance of some of these facts can be put on the media, but we have the greatest access to information now, than at any time in history, if we just make the effort.

Dennis Kucinich appears to be very aware of what’s going on. Shortly after the Senate Intelligence Report was made public, Kucinich introduced 35 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush. This was the most important motion made in Congress in the Twenty First Century. - A call for the restoration of our Republic. The coverage in the main stream media was pitiful.As trustees, it is your responsibility to read these articles of impeachment and consider them carefully. Remember, a large percentage of your constituents have ask you to pass a resolution to incourage Congress to take action on this.

You can find the 35 Articles of Impeachment here - http://chun.afterdowningstreet.org/amomentoftruth.pdf

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