Thursday, July 26, 2007

Constitutional Crisis

Back To Democracy has taken on the task of collecting signatures petitioning the Village to pass a resolution which would encourage our State Legislators, and Congressional Representatives to inquire into the impeachment of President Bush, and Vice President Cheney. We have collected over 100 signatures, and will continue to collect more through the summer. The Mayor and the village board have agreed to hold a special meeting at the Trumansburg Fire Hall on Monday September 24th at 7pm.

We are not asking them to pass this resolution because we disagree with the policies of the Bush Administration, or because of our strong dislike of Bush and Cheney. It's much more than that. Impeachment is a remedy to protect against serious abuse of power and subversion of constitutional government. Impeachment is a means to secure our democracy against present and also future harm. Impeachment is a method of sending a signal to the rest of the world that we do not condone the behavior of this administration.

Recent events have made our case even stronger. President Bush commuted Scooter Libby's sentence just five hours after a federal appeals panel ruled that Libby could not delay his prison term, an obvious quid pro quo. This case is all about how our country was lied into an illegal preemptive war. Libby's sentence was commuted in-order to buy his silence and obstruct justice in the investigations into the treasonous outing of Valerie Plame Wilson. Valerie's covert CIA status was leaked in-order to punish her husband, Joe Wilson for exposing the lies such as the famous 16 words in Bush's 1/28/03 State of the Union "The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." The Bush administration was told by the CIA, and the State Department, and Joe Wilson himself after his fact finding trip to Africa, that this was false, yet he felt it was necessary in-order to deceive Congress and the public into supporting his war.

A Zogby poll on 11/05 asked if people would want Congress to impeach Bush if he lied about the reasons for going to war in Iraq. 53% to 42% said yes. Two more years of war, and escalation, and now this with Libby have certainly increased the percentage. The Zogby poll said that 76% of democrats favored impeachment, compared to 29% of republicans. The Board of Elections tells us that we have 577 registered democrats and 309 republicans. If we assumed that Trumansburg would follow the trends suggested by the Zogby poll, there is little doubt that the village would approve of the passage of the resolution.

Nixon claimed executive privilege and refused to hand over the Watergate tapes. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that he could not use executive privilege to withhold evidence if it involved the possibility of a crime by the president. So he handed over the tapes (minus 18 minutes) and things got a little hotter, but it wasn't until he fired Archibald Cox, that it became obvious to the American people and Congress that he considered himself above the law and that impeachment was the clear remedy.

Now Bush is claiming executive privilege and denying Patrick Leahy's subpoena for documents and testimony about the clear lawbreaking that the president bragged about on national television. The NSA warrant-less wiretapping program was clearly in violation of FISA law as has been ruled by Judge Anna Diggs Taylor. Bush's Saturday Night Massacre moment - instead of firing a special prosecutor to prove to the American people that he puts himself above the law - he commutes Libby's sentence.

Presidents have the right to commute sentences, but common sense dictates that he would have to recuse himself from a case involving his own office.

Allen Carstensen
Trumansburg NY

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Barry Hayes said...

Anyway Impeachment is imperative not just desired in these times. We cannot allow this nonsense to stand. The country may already be doomed because of political stupidity and anti science and religious nuts in government. It is IMPERATIVE that impeachment go ahead and it may actually be too late. Congress is truly hopeless and the democrats have proven now that they are very little different than republicans. They truly are useless and a waste of space. There is not one gut in the whole mess there. Pelosi is shameful and Reid is not any better. Spineless bureaucrats at best.
these guys are the rubber stamp and deserve no defense whatsoever. It seems Tom Clancy had the right Idea in his book Executive order where they wipe out a joint session of congress and the president and vice etc. . All of them and start over…. And no lawyers allowed in the new government only real people. Is that the only way to get the country back ?
Most people do not seem to care enough to even see this travesty of democracy being erased before our eyes. The corporate interests making us into an Oligarchy . The military industrial complex which Eisenhower warned us about.

Oh well, Halliburton rules!!!! for the foreseeable future and that will be much better than having government by the people.

Impeachment however slim a chance seems ludicrous now after the Clinton Debacle for nothing at all. Talk about heinous. If the congress had been watching something besides Clinton’s sex life while most of them had their own affairs going perhaps 9/11 would not have happened at all. But no!
Then as now they cannot see the forest for the trees!
Congress is populated by idiots as Mark Twain said.
We have got to get the bums out.
No more career politicians. and only from real working people who have made an honest living doing something.
worthwhile. Get rid of them after 4 years and let them live with their decisions. Get health care for all now Congress has it and for what? Selling the entire country including manufacturing down the tubes for the last 40myears so their buddies and often them selves can afford retirement in style for selling out the real people. Michael Moore is far more accurate than most people believe I have also seen first hand how large corporation are selling out the American dream so a couple of CEOs can live high on the hog. ENRON is everywhere. Checkout the HMOs. Talk about racketeering. It is not the doctors’ pay that costs so much it is the system of corruption in health care where so many hands that contribute nothing to the product. NO VALUE ADDED that costs so much but it is well hidden in Propaganda. Similar to the notion that the Chinese are stealing our jobs and our work. That is not true Either it is corporate America that is selling our souls not their own of course. Very similar to the War in Iraq. This needs to end ASAP.

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