Sunday, July 29, 2007

King George the IV is worse than King George the III

King George the III was a tyrannical despot. Thomas Jefferson outlined many of his offenses against the colonists in the Declaration of Independence. But George the III never had the audacity to claim the legal right to go anywhere in the world, and kidnap people, and send them to countries where they would be tortured. That is exactly what our King George is doing. He is now defending his "extraordinary rendition" program in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that is meeting (7/26/07) to investigate the abuse.

Extraordinary rendition is the practice of kidnapping or capturing people and sending them, without any legal process, to countries that use torture or abuse. The government has sent detainees to countries infamous for their mistreatment of prisoners, including Syria, Jordan, Morocco and Egypt.

Christopher Anders, legislative counsel for the ACLU said "There could not be anything less American, or more illegal, than the federal government running secret prisons in Europe, or outsourcing torture by shipping people off to torture countries such as Syria and Egypt."

In December 2005, an Italian court issued an European arrest warrant against 22 CIA agents suspected of kidnapping Abu Omar in Milan Italy, and renditioning him off to Egypt where he was allegedly tortured.

This is clearly an impeachable offense according not only to me, but to Bruce Fein who was the assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration. Even conservative Republicans want these criminals impeached (when you can find one with a conscience.)

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